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Strategic aims of OEZA-Program Albania 2007-2009

Albania, within the framework of its extensive transformation process, has been directed on achieving the sustainable social market economy, democracy, legal state and aims declared by it: the full integration into the European structures, where for the last 15 years they made great improvements in spite of unfavourable development. A Significant milestone represents the signature of The Stabilization and Association Treaty with the European Union in June 2006.

With average growth 5.7 per cent Albania is a country with the highest growth within the region. In respect to still existing deficit, especially the weak administration structures, corruption, insufficient infrastructure and unsolved land and proprietary matters, Albania ranks in the regional comparison, as to the direct foreign investments, private investments and export, on the last platform. During the assimilation of Albanian legal order to the European standards and norms it achieved significant progress in the past years, however its change proceeds very slowly.

It is hold generally that Albania henceforth supports effectively the exploitation of its potential. This country disposes with so far not used natural resources, as e.g. water energy or potential in the field of agriculture and tourist travel. Its geographic position advantages it as the potential centre for the business relations on Balkan and in the Mediterranean territory. The deep-rooted tolerance among religions makes from Albania a sample, which many other countries could be learned from.

The Austrian development and east co-operation (OEZA) should transfer the support of tourist travel development into centre-point of its attention in the following years. The development of tourist travel is still at the beginning in Albania. Big chance and simultaneously the challenge consist in connection of economic development with environmental protection. The Austrian program target is through the measurements divided into the fields: „water, waste water, environmental protection and education in the area of tourist travel. Good government is anchored in the program as the topic. OEZA will continue in its key role in the north Albania.

Further important strategic targets of the OEZA Program Albania 2007 – 2009 is the support of Albania in implementation of European standards and the connection to the European strategies, the reinforcement of the regional co-operation, the support of religious tolerance and dialogue, the establishment of common program based on principles of harmonization and adaptation. The support of development strategies of Albania, the reinforcement of institutional capacities, the participation in political dialogue and the narrow co-operation with international communities.

Participated bodies in program scheduling :

  • The Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Section of co-operation in development and
    the east co-operation, Vienna
  • Coordination Office for technical co-operation, Tirana
  • Austrian Research Agency, States Desk Albania

Editorial team: Ingrid Sager, Christopher Opancar, Hubert Neuwirth

Vienna, February 2007

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