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Banks in Slovakia

Tatra Banka, a.s. (joint-stock company)

Special: German corporate clients

With aim to provide the complex care also to the German-speaking clients, Tatra banka has developed a conception International/German Desk for German companies within its continuing expansion onto this so important market.

This division specializes in preparation of markets for the German economy on the road to the countries within the region, especially for the little and medium companies, when these “span” to the banking facilities and to the network of banks in the Central and East Europe.

The extensive approach to the care of a client, which is followed therewith, exceeds widely the standard services within the Corporate Banking. Within the close co-operation with prestigious German banking groups, as well as with group partners in the Central and East Europe, the clients are provided with unlimited care with all disposable financial services.

The essential in the period of your starting the business is that the German-speaking contact person is available for you. In particular it is important for a company being afraid from language problems, whereby the substantial obstacle in facing the challenges of the foreign trade vanishes.

Persons being in charge with the International/German Desks dispose besides this an excellent knowledge with respect to the German typical features in the company management and financing. They can markedly better approach the requirements of their clients herewith.

Slovenská sporiteľňa, a.s. (joint-stock company)

Slovenská sporiteľňa, a.s., is the commercial bank that is involved mostly in fields of banking and financial transactions and thus it becomes one of the most significant financial institutes in Slovakia. Its offer includes the financial services typical for modern international banks. It administers more than 30 per cent of deposits from private persons, as well as more than 20 per cent of total deposits in the Slovak Republic. For the private clients of a bank, the network includes over 300 commercial branch offices and 10 commercial centres covering the territory of the whole Slovakia. The decision of the Slovak Government from December 20, 2000, the Erste Bank became the majority owner of the Slovenská sporiteľna, after January 2005 the Erste Bank became the 100-per-cent owner.

HVB Banka Slovakia, a.s. (joint-stock company)

Two Slovak daughter banks Bank Austria Creditanstalt (BA-CA), UniBanka and HVB Bank Slovakia have concluded their integration successfully on April 2nd, 2007. The newly established “UniCredit Bank” is the fourth biggest bank institute in a country, measured according to the size of the network of branches as well as deposits of clients and the amount of deposits. With the balance amount of EUR 4.2 milliard and 9 per-cent share in the market, it combines the strength of both banks. The private clients will use the best possible service within the nation-wide network of 84 branch offices. Besides this, the bank achieved the leading position as to the services for companies and businessmen (legal entities), the leading position on the market in the agricultural sector.

VÚB, a.s. (joint-stock company)

As VUB bank concerns, it is the second biggest universal bank in Slovakia with approximately 1.2 million of clients. The distribution network includes 42 branch offices and 187 another commercial branches. The Italian Intesa BCI Group became the main stock holder of a former state bank since summer 2001.

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