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Quality of Services of the Slovak Banks

The web pages of the Slovak Banks are full of good resolutions and intentions; however, will those meet an engagement in practice?
Reportage by Mr Herbert Eder (SLC-Europe Ltd. / Bratislava)

Looking at the web-pages of the Slovak Banks it is necessary to say that at every bigger bank there is so called the “International Desk” which offers a number of benefits for the Austrian and German clients.

Every month we are going to present a test message of one Slovak Bank in which, as a German speaking client in the role of a “mystery shopper”, we will try to open a corporate account of our Slovak Ltd.

In the case of every bank a scheme of the test will be the identical:

Customer: A client is an Austrian citizen who speaks only German and a bit of English

Primary Demand: A client has already formed the Limited Liability Company in Slovakia and he would like to open a corporate account at the credit level, including a bank card and internet banking.

Secondary and Advanced Demand: A client would like to register his car which has been leased in Germany on a Slovak company and through an associate leasing company continue paying leasing right in Bratislava.

In the future, in this column called “Stories” you can, full of curiosity, expect a show of errors and omissions of the Slovak Banks...

Tatra Banka - Bratislava

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