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Branch Office in Netherlands

The branch office of foreign company is considered to be a part of a parent company and falls under it both economically and legally; so it does not have any legal subjectivity regardless to the last mentioned fact.

The branch offices, as well as the personal and stock corporations, are subject to legal duty being registered in the Companies Register at the appropriate regional chamber of commerce.
The following data are required:

  • Name and address of Austrian parent company
  • The value of capital (permitted, issued and paid up)
  • Name, address, nationality and other personal data of executive managers and eventual members of supervisory board
  • Name of branch office (Name of parent company is mandatory)
  • Registered office of a branch
  • Name, address, nationality and other personal data of branch manager (if he/she is authorized to do commercial decisions), or authorized to negotiate - data about competencies of branch manager or person authorized to negotiate.

The application for registration into the Companies Register should be attached with Dutch translation of deed of foundation of parent company, as well as the entire relevant documentation required for registration into the Austrian Companies Register.

The fees for such a registration into the Companies Register is regulated according to the legal form, the number of employees and the value of(the company/basic) capital(paid-up capital + investments + loans/credits, etc.) of a company.

After being formed, the branch office - in contrary to the stock corporations – does not comply with any special legal regulations (as e.g. the publishing of annual balance).

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