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Bulgarian Market is Attractive for German Companies

German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce

More than two thirds of German companies making business in Bulgaria are satisfied with their present business locality. This information comes from this year survey of German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DBIHK) from German investors in Bulgaria.

Also prognoses for coming industrial year are tuned optimistically. For 2006 year 66% participants of survey expected higher turn-over than last year, another 30% expected turn-over of the same amount. The surveys are reflected in investment plans. 56% would like to widen their investments, another 28%
would like to invest the same as in previous year.

For several years a constant industrial sweep is having influence on employment market. After an offer of qualified work force was evaluated by mark 2, 7; the companies reviewed this factor in this year survey on 3, 4. In several regions the companies have even
difficulties to find sufficient unqualified fork force. By this, evaluation falls behind from 1, 9 to 2, 5.

The companies see the necessity to proceed particularly with liquidation of corruption and criminality (mark 4, 3). A state of public infrastructure has a lot of defects, also legal safety and public administration effectiveness are insufficient.

Marks for these frame conditions are falling behind even in comparison with previous year. German companies cherish hopes by entering the EU; this factor has been evaluated by three fourths of participants of survey as very important.

Bilateral economic relationships
Trade with commodities between Germany and Bulgaria reached total size of about 2, 9 EUR, that has represented the highest level so far. German exporters has exported about 2, 0 EUR to Bulgaria, German importers has got 0, 9 EUR from Bulgaria. While Bulgarian market
export to Germany has fortified by 13, 8%, import from Germany has even increased by nearly 18 %.

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