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Company Formation in Belgium

Belgium offers especially German businesses essential advantages

To those German companies that have found so-called co-coordinating centre, Belgium offers great advantages. The name co-coordinating centre comes from the fact, that German companies coordinate and finance activities in other countries through the mentioned co-coordinating centre.

This Belgian co-coordinating centre does not yield to 39% of Belgian income tax on legal entities, it is being taxed by a certain percent rate of Belgian business costs

As a rule, by this tax burden decreases to usual 10% or even less

On the basis of agreement on prevention of double taxation, in Belgium can be reached profits exempt from fees to transfer to Germany.

Belgium has been applying for foreign investors for years. In this sense Belgian economic policy is trying to make appropriate assumptions for foreign investments. Since 1959 more than 14.000 companies have settled down in Belgium. Hereby, this country belongs worldwide to aimed countries sought after by foreign investors.

Advantageous locality of Belgium in the corridor of European and overseas markets, the importance of Brussels as „capital of EU“ and, of course, effective support of straight foreign investments from Belgian sovereign trusties, have established non-European companies in a great amount, predestinates Belgium as a site for the choice of the first European branch.

Among the advantages by which tries to get foreign investors there are:

  • Developed economic field with long tradition;
  • Well-built traffic roads and telecommunications;
  • Well-developed sector of service and finance;
  • Stable economic and political frame conditions;
  • Open borders to European markets, where higher export quotation GDP appears among industrial countries;
  • Well-educated, productive and above average language skillful population;
  • Amply represented bureaus and habitable areas for fair prices

One of the particularities of Belgian state is division of the country, on one hand into three „regions“(Flanders, Wallonia, capital Brussels that provide three essential attributions in the economic field - and on the other hand into three official language societies: Dutch (Flanders with Brussels), French (Wallonia with Brussels) and German in „East canton“ Eupen and St.Vith with German borders.

We have to take into consideration these „language groupings” also while making company statutes, in connection with bureaus at making work agreements etc.
Historically originated language devision accounts for long-term political and cultural differences of the country.

Right in the scope of economic support, foreign business and rules of protection of living environment, essentials attributions have been brought forward to state reforms to the grounds of regional government (Flanders, Wallonia, Brussels). As a consequence of regionalization appropriate differences appear in determination of standards among the three parts of the country which only partly - step by step and slowly are beginning to unify in accordance with regulations of EU.

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Firmengründungen in Belgien

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Company Formation in Belgium

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