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Online Foundation in Slovakia

Found yourself your Slovak Ltd.from 1,980,-- Eurowith our online foundation tool within 10 minutes.

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Company Formation in Bratislava

Full-Service after your company formation in Bratislava

The founders of companies occur like sand in a sea …

Eder Herbert, the majority owner of SLC consultancy group.

... however, to find a skilled German-speaking business advisor in Bratislava will be difficult.

Star Light Consulting Ltd. & CoKEG /limited partnership/ is a registered Austrian consultancy company with valid concession and valid Commerce Chamber’ number of consultant. The market does not provide the surety any more as to realize the formation of your company by the competent personnel. All consultants of Star Light Consulting Ltd. & CoKEG /limited partnership/ possess with more than 10-years‘ professional background and they mainly come from the bank area.

On the basis of concession we must keep the same secrecy as the solicitors and the tax advisors, which cannot be cancelled either by a court, only when our client would relieve us from this duty.

Ask various founders of companies, whether they must keep secrecy as we do, and only interest in those ones having this duty legally prescribed!

SLC-Europe Ltd. in Bratislava is the daughter company of Star Light Consulting S.L., which is the holding company of Star Light Consulting Ltd. & CoKEG /limited partnership/ in Austria.

Company Formation in Bratislava

Petra Pulisova, executive manageress in Bratislava

Our offer to form the company in Bratislava

  • Advisorywith regard to the Double Taxation Agreement
  • Acquisition ofTrade License
  • Company Formation in Bratislava including all costs and fees
    (Formation through the German-speaking lawyer in Bratislava)
  • Translation of the Memorandum of Association into the German
  • Bank account in Tatra Banka in Bratislava
    German Internet, custody of client in German language, credit card
  • Full-Service in German language by all personnel
    (Business advisory, tax advisory, legal advisory)

for 1,380 EUR

Our company exists since 1994 and we take care of our clients even after their company has been formed.

Company formation in Slovakia - We manage it on behalf of you!

Information leaflet for download

The Slovak s.r.o. (Ltd.)can serve as the total “domestic solution” (for Germany or Austria), in order to achieve as maximum as possible budget-price limitation of liability. We recommend this variant preferably for the Startups and generally for the companies of single person. Once again we can see in our praxis as a consultant, thatthe limitation of liability is taken into account only when it is definitely too late.

The Slovak s.r.o.. (Ltd.) can be interesting even for those businessmen, who think about savings in taxes or about the savings of costs on the basis of relocation of the production operation abroad.

Slovakia belongs to the European Flat-Tax-Zone (the unified tax for all income groups), provides, pursuant to the qualification conflict in the area of the Slovak limited partnership, up to now the unique preference in favour of a tax-payer and thereby it is a clean favourite within this region.


Read the articles by Mr. Eder in the area of„Internationalen Flat-Tax

Ready Made Companies

Pursuant to an actual strong demand for Ready Made Companies we are able to offer to you only few companies like that at present.

We are forming again the new companies and in a short time you will be again provided with the Ready Made Companies.

Ready Made Companies completed within 4 hours

  • EMC Marketing s.r.o. (Ltd.)
  • I-Net Consulting s.r.o. (Ltd.)
  • I-Consulting s.r.o. (Ltd.)
  • SK-Financial Investement s.r.o. (Ltd.)
  • Maas International s.r.o. (Ltd.) (older than 1 year, without being in usage)
  • East Market Solution s.r.o. (Ltd.) (older than 6 months, without being in usage)
  • Coris Holding s.r.o. (Ltd.) (older than 6 months, without being in usage)
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