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Company Formation in Bulgaria

We have been “German speaking specialists” in Bulgaria for years and at the same time we have a leading position on the market when company formation and consulting in Bulgaria

Herbert Eder, majority owner SLC-consulting group

There have been regular commercial sweep in Bulgaria in recent years. Nowadays it is a paradise for the foreign investors and company formation with foreign attendance. For 5 years we have been founding Bulgarian companies under commission of our customers in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna.

Up to a recent time the company formation in Bulgaria has been a secret advice rather than a great market hit on the Internet, but only because of regular founding agencies deal only with „apparent tax advantage“ not economic-wide framework conditions.

The result of economic-wide ways was that Bulgaria disposes of a great number of university degree people who have qualified education and who has done enormous work for approximately 400 EUR monthly. Thus, we really found ourselves where work power is estimated by very low wages.

Nowadays, there is another advantage, that investments (shares in a firm, purchase of immovable etc.) had been obtained for a very reasonable price, although nowadays they are increasing monthly. A very good investment nowadays is a purchase of immovable. We know Bulgaria really well, we dispose of a great number of native speakers and we can prognosis you enormous returns from the price of immovable in the next 5 years.

It would be possible to mention that Austria lays on the peak of investment in Bulgaria and for the good reason. There dwells a very good infrastructure and daily flying connections between Vienna and Sofia.

Do not wait any longer and count on our help on a Bulgarian market.

Company Formation in Bulgaria

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Ltd. - Formation in Bulgaria
Information, prices, possibilities of ordering including feed company

Bulgarian market
Information given about German-Bulgarian industrial and commercial board of trade.

Retrieval of market in Bugaria

We have been agents in Bulgaria for 5 years and have helped many German and Austrian companies...

All our native speakers are Bulgarian citizens firmly settled in the commercial life in Bulgaria. Our settlements in Bulgaria are cities: Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna.

From this place we cooperate with all Bulgarian market. If you need help in Bulgaria, simply phone us. Along with numerous analyses of the market we can help you straight away from the place. Our team speaks German, English, Russian and Bulgarian.

As an educated lawyer I can offer you professional help in German, which you will need when entering a Bulgarian market and to become successful. Integration in the net of experts SLC- consulting group we will enable you sure and stress free enter on market in Bulgaria.

Take an opportunity and take our contact from us.

Hot News from Bulgaria

Here you will find out trends and news about commercial development and EU-handling of Bulgaria.


Bulgarin: Mindestlohn in Bulgarien

Das Mindestlohn in Bulgarien ist niedriger als die offizielle Armitsgrenze.

Bulgarien: 9% Rückgang der Immobilienpreise in Sofia für die ersten drei Monate

In Malinova dolina sind die billigsten

Bulgarien: Die Labour-Code (LC) ist sehr veraltet

Die Labour-Code (LC) ist sehr veraltet, es ist für alte Unternehmen gemeint, sagte Radan Kanev des DSB.

Bulgarien:Die EU Kommission ist zufrieden mit der Finanzpolitik von Bulgarien

Die Regierung hält das Budget fest.

Bulgarien:Meglena Kuneva wird den Verkehrskomissar beraten.

She hat den Vorschlag mit grosser Freude angenommen

Bulgarien: Die Flughäfen in Sofia, Provdiv und Burgas sind schon in Betrieb

Das Flughafen in Varna bleibt bis zum 21.30Uhr geschlossen..

Bulgarien: Flughafen Sofia und Plovdiv sind auf

Europa ist weiterhin blockiert

Bulgarien: Bojko für Obama: Ich hatte das Gefühl, dass wir eine lange Zeit zusammengearbeitet haben

Bojko Borissow war sehr beeindruckt von der Persönlichkeit des Obama. Nach seinem Treffen mit Bush in Prag sagte der bulgarische Regierungschef :

Bulgarien: Alle zum Staatsanwalt, brüllte Borissov

"Lassen sie uns alle die, die Bulgare ausgeraubt haben, ins Gefängnis zu bringen"

Bulgarien: UDK (CDC) akzeptiert nicht das heuchlerische Benehmen von Parvanov

Bulgarien braucht einen neuen Präsident, sagten die Blauen in einer Erklärung

Investment law

Mag. Kristina Kenarova, legal agent for SLC-consulting group in Plovdiv

The basis is legal standard about foreign investments from 24 October 1997
o In accordance with foreign standards
o Guarantee even more profitable investment rules
* Definition: Foreign Investments

According to legal standard about foreign investments are foreign investors:
o Legal persons who are not registered in Bulgaria;
o Companies which are not represented by legal persons and that are registered abroad;
o Physical entities who are foreign citizens and have a settlement abroad.

Forms of investment:

  • Stocks and shares in trade companies
  • Property rights on buildings a limited property rights
  • Property rights and limited property rights on immovable, when considered as investment property
  • Property rights on enterprises and their parts according to legal standard about destructuralization and privatization of state and communal enterprises.
  • Securities including bearer debenture and obligations and their implied tools, given by the state, city or other legal persons with a term of expiration at least 6 months.
  • Loans including financial leasing with a term of expiration at least 12 months.
  • Soul property - copyrights, or related rights, protected by invention, usable samples, trade-mark, mark for service businesses and consumer samples.
  • Right according to concessionary agreements and manager agreements.

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