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Company Formation in Denmark

Information about company formation in Denmark

The Danish system of company formation is comparably liberal and dictates only a few formalities. All the companies are administrated centrally through the economic and business office (Erhvervs-og Selskabsstyrelsen at the Central Business Register (Det Centrale Virksomhedsregister - under so-called CVR-number, which is used at the same time as UID-number (MWSt.). The investments are not bound to any regulations, but buying of the basic capital is regulated by the special laws. The capital movements exceeding 60,000 DKK (cca. 8070 EUR) must be reported to the Danish National Bank.

Formation, or more precisely, notification of the company at the Central Register can, at the very most, be done directly, by using of the relevant data and digital signature. After this manner the company is founded within a few hours.

A traditional form of registration with a use of the form is also possible, but it is necessary to count on data processing which can last two or three weeks; all the activities of the founders in the capital companies are held up until completion of the procedure.

Another way of formation is taking over so-called “Mantelfirma” (skuffeselskab). Because of simplification of the ways of formation of new companies (internet), taking over “Mantelfirma” is preferred only in the exceptional cases; in-somuch that it is generally budget-priced.
The presence of a Danish lawyer at formation of every company is very important. He is not only able to make provision for the tax aspects and give recommendation just after, but he also can give advice in the affairs of the international trade and will gladly be available for providing of a language skilled legal adviser.

company formation in Denmark

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