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Company Formation in Estonia

The qualified partners of the Expert Network of SLC can help you with formation of a company in Estonia.

Company Formation in Estonia

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At present, Estonia has very good conditions for formation of a company. Considering the labor expenses only, one working hour comes out at circa 3.03 EUR. Comparing to average of the EU which is 22.10 EUR, moving the business to Estonia is profitable in any case.

Estonia has partly status of the off-shore country where taxes do not refer to any re-invested profits till the end of 2009!

The Individual Income Tax:
The Income Tax is 26 per cent but the flat rate of 15 per cent has been established for artists and sportsmen.

The Legal Entity Income Tax :
There is so-called the Inverted Legal Entity Income Tax. According to this method, in the first place the actual expenses and shared profit are taxed. The tax liability applies also to dividends and hidden profits. The tax rate represents 26/74 from the sum of costs or paid out profit, which means that the wage is taken for the disposable income.

The Value Added Tax :
VAT is 18 per cent and the reduced rates are applied on some goods, amounting to 5 per cent. The export of goods and services as well as electric flow made of the water and wind power is tax exempted.

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