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Company Formation in Finland

Travel and arrival, company location, company formation in Finland

Finland is a republic and since 1995 it became the European Union member. The country has approximately 5.2 millions of inhabitants, 555.000 of which are living in Helsinki, the capital.

Finland is a highly-developed industrial country; approximately 50 per cent of yields from export have brought the steel, engineering and electro-technical industry, 30 per cent comes from the wood-working industry. Finland can be identified as the most active online nation of the world; the quantity of cell phones and internet connections per a person from the total number of inhabitants is higher than in any other country.

Finland spreads on the area of 338,000 km2 and almost three quarters of the total area are covered by the forests. Numerous lakes are the another one typical feature of Finnish country, round 190.000 and the same quantity of islands. The most important rocky locality and the Aland Island, the autonomous province, are spreading at the south-west coast; the vastest lacustrine region, the central waters whereof is Saimaa-See, is located in the east Finland.

We still search in Finland one more partner for this country!

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