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Company Formation in France

France is very opened against foreign investments. In Paris and its surrounding (Ile de France) one of four employees is engaged in a foreign company. The promotion of investments is listed also in so called "Invest in France Network" ( with its 21 agencies abroad, where also Vienna belongs to. These agencies tries to acquire the investor for France, they advice him in selection of locality and accompany him - free and with patience - in its further steps, especially when negotiating about supporting instruments.

Advantages provided by France are worth to be noticed: the political and economical stability, big domestic market (60 millions of inhabitants), cheap building parcels in a large scale, first-class infrastructure, liberal foreign exchange system, extremely low prices for energies, ample support, qualified labour force, many industrial parks and research centres.

Along with Ile de France and Paris, the frontier regions of Lorraine, Alsace, Rhône-Alpes, Franche Comté, Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur and Nord-Pas de Calais are attractive for foreign companies and providing them a geographic proximity to Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Switzerland or Italy.

Significant investment countries are Germany, Great Britain, Benelux, Italy and USA, whilst the share of Asia, especially of Japan, is relatively small. The Austrian companies (approx. 200, the invested amount of approx. 600 mil. EUR) are concentrated in the regions of Paris, Alsace and Rhône-Alpes.


The number 1 locality for each company sales is Paris with its surrounding (Ile de France), because almost 25 per cent of French population is concentrated here. Besides this, Paris is practically the residence of decision-making headquarters of all big companies and the state administration.

For companies, which do not want to have a branch office in France, but only the permanent address, there are offered the offices for domicile functioning as the mailbox for correspondence, offering the secretary services and administrative spaces. AHST Paris ( will present the offices for domicile upon request.


The German speaking personnel can be found here more easily, moreover the route to and from Austria is remarkably shorter. This is the decisive criterion for formation as well as for inspection and operation of buffer stock. In favour of ALSACE contributes the fact that market is released for our products and commercial usages.


The second of the most important industrial regions is located within the region of Lyon/Grenoble. Here there are the sales opportunities for the companies with customers’ sphere resident in Alps or for their customers; there is e.g. the concentration of pharmaceutical and electro-technical industry here; many industrial parks are located here supporting the high-tech and the research centres, e.g. Toulouse (space flights, aerospace industry), Nice (the computer and pharmaceutical research), Lyon and Grenoble (nuclear energy).

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Neuer Kooperationgspartner für Frankreich stellt sich vor.

Herr Dipl.-Betriebswirt Dieter Polei ist als Consultant und Wirtschaftsjurist (Assessor jur.) für Sie tätig. Er kann auf eine jahrzehntelange Beraterpraxis zurückblicken, insbesondere auf dem Gebiet der Subventionsberatung.
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