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Company Formation in Luxemburg

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Total Survey of Luxemburg:

Fiscal agreement on export: none

Legal system:Since August 10, 1915 the social law. The holding companies are tax-preferred according to Direction from July 31st, 1929. However, they must not perform their own activity.

Name of residence:For EU members it is without restrictions, but the tax burden for natural persons is very high in Luxemburg.

Taxes: For persons with permanent address the progressive income tax tariff is valid. The wealth tax and inheritance tax were cancelled. The deduction tax from interests amounts 10 percent.

Companies: The holding companies do not pay any income tax

The double-taxation agreement: The double-taxation agreements exist, but these do not include any application as to the holding companies.

An Ideal Form of a Company: Holding

Luxemburg provides extremely favourable legislation for the holding companies. Read more...

While in Luxemburg the personal and company incomes, the sales profit, the capital transfers, inheritances and presents are taxed similarly as in the neighbouring countries, the tax privileges are valid for holding companies.

Holding is defined as a company, which has only shares in the domestic or foreign companies or which administers their patronage and liability.

The holdings do not pay any income taxes and they are exempted from payment of taxes from sale and the dividend tax as well.

Company Formation and Taxes in Luxemburg

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Luxemburg - Legal Principles
Survey on legal system in Luxemburg

Social Law in Luxemburg

Luxemburg - The Social Law
Good survey on social law and company formation procedure in Luxemburg
Joint-Stock Company - Its Formation in Luxemburg
To form the joint-stock company at least two partners are required (the natural persons of legal entities), and they both can be foreigners or they need not have their permanent address in Luxemburg.
Limited Liability Company - Its Formation in Luxemburg
The number of partners is minimum1(s.a.r.l. unipersonnelle) and maximum 40. The basic capital must amount at least 12,394.68 EUR, pain in full amount. The Law from December 28, 1992 established a possibility to form the company with one partner, which is subject to the same principles as the standard Ltd.

Company Formation in Luxemburg - Survey of Professionals

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Company Formation in Luxemburg

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