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Company formation in Netherlands

The Austrian companies and enterprises of natural persons can generally form the company without restrictions; in all matters these are the companies being in all-Dutch ownership having the same status.

The requirement for the domestic capital interest or the company management does not exist in Netherlands. The selection for location the company and real estate ownership is voluntary.

The business activity is not generally subjected to any restrictions; for certain trades and employment types still exist some regulations to enter in. The activities, where the dominant position holds the public hand, remain exempted from here.
No foreign-exchange restrictions exist with regard to the import of capital; the foreign capital investment in domestic companies is thereby possible without restriction.

The present regulations of exchange control are minimum; the transfer of interests from a loan, dividends and profits, as well as the reassignment of basic capital or the residuary estate in case of winding-up a company, are exempted from permission. The foreign transfers can be realized in any currency.
The exchange foreigners can open both the euro account and the other foreign currencies’ account in a Dutch bank also without restriction.

The foreign management labour forces can require the lawful tax allowances!


Social Law of Netherlands

Social Law in Netherlands
Branch Office in Netherlands
The foreign company branch office means in the Dutch legislation, both in the economic and the legal point of view, as a part of parent company; thus it does not dispose of any legal personality disregarding the last mentioned form of a company.

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Company Formation in Netherlands

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