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Online Foundation in Slovakia

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Company Formation in Slovakia

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Company Formation in Slovakia

Slovakia has substantially gained on importance after the latter tax revisions. Mainly pursuant to the 19 per cent Flat Tax (see also the Tax Comparison in Europe).

The principle of Flat Tax is relatively simple and it means that the maximum taxation of capital companies proprietors lies at the level of 19 per cent and this tax rate is finally applied also onto the profit distributions.

The goal of this tax revision was to draw down the foreign investors to Slovakia and to revive the economy. Since this moment the huge economical growth occurred and the newly established companies started to expand as the mushrooms after rain.

However, you should be conscious of one matter; a clean company formation is only one of many building stones towards the success.

The correct selection of formation is also important therewith, that is why you should be informed also about the Double Taxation Agreement between Slovakia and Germany, or Austria.

Many clients passed to our company after the first year and after the “cheap actions for company formation” were instituted, to let the doubtful formation of their company repaired. In Bratislava you will not find any founder of companies, who would possess simultaneously a valid license of Austrian Business Consultant.

However, this concession is important, as only pursuant to this concession it is possible to apply the confidentiality obligation in the German, or Austrian courts. We, as the “Austrian Business Consultant“, must not make a statement in any German, or Austrian court, only in case, when we would be redeemed from confidentiality by our client.

If the company formers from Slovakia would be summoned, they must make their statement on any details of themselves and their companies, otherwise they would act in offence, in contrary to law.

Our close co-operation network in Slovakia offers to you the full service consisting of the business and taxation consultants, the attorneys and the best contacts to the miscellaneous support granting places.

Our services for you:

Consultancy Hotline for the Company Formation in Bratislava


Austria: 0720 - 880 256 (international +43 720 880 256)

Germany: 030 896 779 394 (international +49 30 896 779 394)

Spain: 0971 579965 (international: +34 971 579965)

Bratislava: 2 33 00 6510 (international: +421 2 33 00 6510)

All Hotline numbers are available for you 24 hours a day and with German speakers !


Company Formation in Slovakia

General Information on Company Formation in Slovakia

Commercial Legislative in Slovakia

Joint Stock Company in Slovakia
Joint Stock Company (JSC/a.s.) in Slovakia (General Information)
The Forming of Ltd. in Slovakia (The Slovak Ltd./s.r.o.)
The legal form is very similar with the Austrian one

Transport License / Forwarding License in Slovakia

General Data to the Transport License and the Forwarding License in Bratislava
We are the company with world-wide leading position in the market and professional for the area of transport licenses and the forwarding licenses. Whom will you trust to?

The Slovak Ltd./s.r.o. - Advantages

The Slovak Ltd./s.r.o. offers the advantages nowadays, which will not be beaten by any other alternative of a company type!

Limited & Co cannot stand to ....

Whether you compare the Slovak s.r.o. (Ltd.) with the English Limited or the Spain S.L., the advantages will speak only in favour of s.r.o.

As the German, or the Austrian citizen you can select between the English Limited, the Spain S.L. or the Slovak s.r.o. These are the most known three alternatives regardless to various further offshore-models, which are often offered through internet.

Fascinating is the fact that substantially more s.r.o. were formed in the last months than Limited ones or SL ones. When viewing in details we must state, that the major client of a „company formation“ has already discovered the advantages of s.r.o. long time ago and is also able to use them in this connection.

Though the English Limited companyrepresents a budget-price variant, the liability hedge is still missing here in case of insolvency. The English Limited company does not offer in any case the models of savings on taxes, even if it would be formed legally in a proper way.

The Spain SL is between the most expensive variant to form the company, it provides the full liability hedge, actually still no possibilities of savings on taxes, regardless of vast promises by the foundation companies.

The Slovak s.r.o. represents a budget-price variant; it offers the full liability hedge, 19 % Flat-Tax, and if you would like to relocate your services abroad, also the advantage of a country with low demands for wages.

Read also the article issued to this topic we have published online approx. 3 months ago.

Since May 1st Slovakia is a part of European Union. Since then the economic growth is the highest, on the other hand the level of incomes is still the lowest in the Middle Europe. Therefore the company formation in Slovakia is an interesting occasion for company formation in Europe.

19 % Flat Tax

After January 1st 2004 the flat tax amounting 19 per cent has been introduced in Slovakia. This applies the natural person’s income tax, value added tax, etc.

Low Level of Incomes

The average level of incomes is approx. 400 EUR/month. For graduates with certain working skills you can calculate with income up to 800 EUR.

The distribution /settlement with company profit distribution is income tax-free

Providing the company profit has already been once taxed with legal entity income tax, the payments thereof to the stock-holders is tax-free.

Central Location

Slovakia is located in the middle of Europe. Vienna is distant less than half an hour by a car from Bratislava, the capital. The airport (close to Bratislava) provides numerous international communications and also lucrative lines as SkyEurope and Ryanair.

Current News about Slovakia

Our Services within the Company Formation


The foundation stones for a company formation:

Basic Capital: 6.640 Euro
partner:both the natural person and the legal entity
Foreign Capital Interest: can be in 100 per cent
Tax Duty: 19% (Flat Tax)
Liability: as it is with anyone s.r.o. (Ltd.) the liability is only with the property of the Ltd. company.


Our Services for You:

  • Preparing the Partnership Contract
  • Company registration in the Companies’ Register
  • Translations of documents required to German
  • Application for issue the Trade License
  • Application for allocation of Tax Registration Number


Fees for Our Services: 1,980 EUR



Naturally, we will advice you anytime by telephone also after your company is formed. Should you need the office registered address, also it can be mediated for you per 150 EUR/month and of course - thus also our tax consultants and attorneys are available for you.

Our advisory services after company formation will be billed to you by hourly rate of 80 EUR without VAT.


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