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Shipping / Forwarding License Slovakia

We are specialists in the area of shipping or forwarding licenses in Slovakia

SLC-Europe s.r.o. specializes in acclimatization of forwarding companies in Slovakia already from their formation
. We are skilled enough and we are able to offer to you
the complete packet of services starting with tailored formation of forwarding company and ending with individual searching for lorry drivers.

Our Services include the following complete procedure:

  • The formation of s.r.o. (Ltd.) in Slovakia without permission for domestic and international transportation (only upon the free trade) – issue of documents, business license, abstract of record from Companies Register, registration at the tax office.
  • Conclude the insurance contract for lorries used for company transportation activity.
  • Registration of lorries at different authorities.
  • Appointment of executive manager pursuant to the business regulations with residence on the territory of the Slovak Republic.
  • Issue of domestic transportation license pursuant to qualification conditions of the insurance contract factor (Registration in the Trade Register and in the Companies Register).
  • Issue of international license at the District Traffic Police Station.
  • Issue/Elaboration oíf EU forms (so called „Blue Forms“) for each lorry at the Ministry of Transport.
  • Registration of international license into the Companies Register.
  • Searching for drivers of lorries by the company Dynamic Business Services s.r.o. (Ltd.), as well as the registration and preparation of labour contracts

  • Possibility 1 : Further care through the company Dynamic Business Services s.r.o. (Ltd.) on the basis of the office package (see Pathway )
  • Possibility 2 : Domestication/Settlement of the company, including the place of business, parking places, office staff, etc. by means of the company Dynamic Business Services s.r.o. (Ltd.)

Professional Qualification

Each natural person or the legal entity able to prove that, besides the general business conditions according to the specific regulation, it also complies with legal condition of professional qualification and financial reliability, can perform the business activity in the area of road transport.
The condition of professional qualification of the legal entity must be carried out by its responsible representative.

The professional qualification shall be justified separately for the international road transport through successful taking the written test in the face of the examining commission with participation of at least two members of this commission. The written test can be completed by the verbal test. The examining commission decides on necessity to perform the verbal test on the basis of the result from the written test. The verbal test must not be done, if the written test achieved the desired result.

The examining commission can accept the professional qualification without performing the test in case of person, who:
a) achieved the academic education or the complete professional education within the scope of professional subjects;


b) has at least the 5-years’ professional skills in the leading position in the area of road transport, and these skills are not older than two years.

The commission realizes the test in the course of three months after the application to perform the test has been submitted by the applicant.

The person, who passed through the test successfully or who was accepted as being qualified without necessity to perform the test, will receive the respective certificate issued by the relevant administration body by request of the examining commission. This certificate will prove the professional qualification for issue of the business certification in the area of road transport. Equivalent is also represented by the certificate issued by the respective body according to legal regulations of the EU member states, Norway, Lichtenstein, Island and Switzerland, providing it was issued after October 1st, 1999 and if the International Treaty, which Slovakia is also submitted to, does not stipulate otherwise.

Financial Credit

The financial credit is to be proven by the sufficient owner’s equity of the accounting entity, which must amount for the first vehicle minimum EUR 9,000 and for each another at least EUR 5,000 (or the equivalent in the Slovak crowns).
If the applicant uses the double-entry bookkeeping, the amount of the owner’s equity is determined from the due annual financial statement for the corresponding accounting period/fiscal year/, i.e. from the balance as on December 31st of the previous calendar year.
If the applicant uses the single-entry bookkeeping, the amount of the owner’s equity is determined as on December 31st of the previous calendar year as the difference of the assets and the total liabilities. The financial credit can be also proven by the open balance, which is elaborated as on the date of the applicant’s company formation.

The applicant can prove its financial credit also by the abstract of record from Companies Register with data to the basic capital of the business company, by the memorandum of association, the deed of foundation or the deed of foundation according to special regulations, by the guarantee contract concluded with the bank or the foreign bank branch office, or by the insurance contract concluded with the insurance company or by the contract of purchase of leased object, which is concluded with the commercial company dealing with leasing of objects with eventual purchase by the tenant and which concluded the contract on purchase of motor vehicle with the forwarder, whose proving of financial credit relates to.

Permission to Provide the International Transport

The forwarder is allowed to provide the international transport only pursuant to the certificate, which is granted by the relevant administrative body.

The certificate is granted pursuant to the application for the time period of five years.

The certificate to provide the road transport is granted for the requested number of vehicles.

The EC Permission and License

The person providing the international transport on the territory of the EU member state, from the territory of the member state into the non-member state, or vice versa, or on the parts of the road to the territory of the member state, must own the European Union Certificate.

The forwarder shall apply for EU Certificate at the appropriate administrative body. This administrative body, pursuant to the application, shall verify, whether the conditions for performing the international transport are completed, and notifies the number of motor vehicles. If no matter of facts have been recognized, which would be in contrary with conditions according to § 7 and 21, the forwarder is granted with the original EU Permission, or the Certificate at least within 30 days after the application has been accepted.

Driver’s Certificate

If the forwarder employs the EU non-member state citizen to perform the international transport, this driver must own the Certificate according to specific regulation 24c).
24c) Article 3 of the Council Regulation (ECC) No. 881/92 from March 26, 1992 on Access to the market with the transport of the goods in the road transport within the Community or from the member state territory, or in case of passage through the territory of one or more member states (EU Official Publication, L 95, 9. 4. 1992) as amended in force.

The driver’s certificate is granted to the forwarder by the administrative body, who owns the EU Permit and who applies for issue the driver’s certificate as he employs a driver from EU non-member state, or who would like to employ that one.

The application for issuing the driver’s certificate is to be added by the forwarder with the work permit, which is issued by the appropriate Labour Office and the Office for Social Matters and Family according to the special regulations. The driver’s certificate is granted for the period of work permit validity.

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