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Ltd. in Slovakia

Legal regulations are similar to the Austrian regulations:

  • Basic capital 200,000.- SKK.
  • The minimum amount of shareholder´s contribution is 30,000.-SKK.
  • Establishment by a sole founder is also possible with a single natural person, provided that he is not at the same time a sole shareholder in more than two limited liability companies.
  • Business combination and chaining prohibition of one-member company - a one-member limited liability company cannot become a sole company promoter, eventually a sole shareholder of another limited liability company in Slovakia.

If an administrator is a foreigner, a member of the EU - or the OECD there is not duty to obtain residency permit for the registration at the Commercial Register, the duty might result from another regulation. In all cases is also supposition of a specified trade certificate. On the chance that a person is permanently employed and gets regular pay, a work permit is needed in Slovakia (see 2nd paragraph of this expert´s report). Knowledge of the Slovak language is not necessary.

Opening of the General Reserve is not requested by the law at formation.

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