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Online Foundation in Slovakia

Found yourself your Slovak Ltd.from 1,980,-- Eurowith our online foundation tool within 10 minutes.

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Personnel Search in Slovakia

The team of German-speaking company consultants, native speakers and headhunters will take care of you at personnel search in Slovakia.

Personnel Search in Slovakia

Finding of qualified teammates at the good conditions is not that simple anymore.

Anyone, who wants to open his own company, will not go far without the qualified personnel. In Bratislava it has become very difficult to recruit the qualified personnel. The reason is an enormous wave of formation of foreign companies in Bratislava. We have the adequate contacts and we can offer you the German speaking personnel at the advantageous wage level.

Our consulting office straight in Bratislava´s Tatra Center will offer you the necessary infrastructure, eventually contacts and searching of your new team-mates according to the specified demands.

Make a contact with our office, send us a profile with the demands for your new team-mates and we will realize a primary volition and introduce the selection of qualified team-mates from Slovakia.

We would be pleased to take over all the other organizational problems as well, beginning with analysis of a place, through a company formation, personnel search, accounting, wage calculation, etc.

Trust the qualified German speaking company and personnel consultants and acquire full service in one place.

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