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Steps towards Formation of S.R.L. (Ltd.)

Substantial points for formation of a company in Rumania

Acceptability verification for the company name and logo through respective Companies Register

Prior to the partnership contract is elaborated and confirmed, the application to the Companies Register of respective region is to be submitted, where the Ltd. has its registered office and also the reservation for business name and company logo should be applied. The chamber issues the confirmation on reservation of the name and logo for three months after the
reservation has been issued.

The application for reservation of company name and logo is realized through standard form. The company name and logo can be reserved both on regional and national scale.

The request for the company name and logo disposition is presented additionally to be verified (emblem). It is verified, whether in designation no changes or mistakes occurred. To spare the time, we recommend you several designations, or logos, in a form of priority sheets, which are listed in the application form.

The request for verification of the company name and logo disposition, as well as the confirmation of reservation is issued on the spot.

Concluding the Deed of Foundation and Notarial Certificate, Content

The Deed of Foundation of Ltd. includes:

  • Name, surname, birth date and birth place, permanent address and nationality of partners, who are the natural persons; name, business registered office and nationality of partners, who are the legal entities;
  • Type of a company, name, registered office and if appropriate, also the company logo;
  • Company business subject, with specification of the main activity area;
  • Basic capital and repaid investment, including presenting its amount of each partner in the monetary or non-monetary form, the value of non-monetary investment and the type of value, as well as the date, when the entire capital was paid-up. The number and the nominal value of business shares must be listed, as well as the number of business shares, that are assigned to each partner according to the investment value;
  • Partners representing and managing the company, or those, who do not share in company management, either the natural persons or legal entities, their implicit duties and whether these persons function together or separately;
  • Share of each partner in profit or loss
  • The second company registered office - subsidiary companies, agencies, representation or other units without legal entity, when these were simultaneously formed with the company, or the conditions for their latter formation, if such a formation was intended;
  • Company lifetime;
  • Type of cancellation and liquidation of a company.
  • When confirming the Partnership contract by a public notary, the Commercial Chamber must present the certificate regarding the company business name and logo.

Repayment of Basic Capital

Based on Partnership contract certificate issued by a public notary, it is mandatory to establish the account in Rumania in the reported bank and to pay the company capital.

Apply for and Registration at the Companies Register

The company registration in the Companies Register is realized within 15 days after the date of authorization of administrator or delegate for the foundation company.

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