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Saving on Taxes through Purchase of Real Estate in Slovakia

Make you Investment in a Tax Heaven

Eder Herbert, the majority owner of SLC consultancy group

Slovakia offers an unique option to make a good stroke of business by purchase of dwelling as an individual ownership.

Several facts to this topic:

  • Real estates are depreciated in Slovakia for 20 years, not 67 as it is in Austria.
  • In Austria there exists so called „Liebhabereiklausel“ - a provision about the activity, which is performed due to personal and not economical reasons (the business alone must show a profit, otherwise the business matter is specified as the personal activity and this is not deductable from a tax). „Liebhabereiklausel“ in the Slovak tax law does not exist.
  • The speculative period, i.e. the period between purchase and sale in case of speculation represents 5 years in Slovakia, in Austria it is due 10 years.

This possibility is always interesting, as you can reach a valuable investment property thereby and as a present even to save on taxes simultaneously. Even in Slovakia (bethink the article by Mr. Eder regarding the real estates in Ukraine) is this possible pursuant to The Double Taxation Agreement between Austria and Slovakia, which exactly specifies that the taxation happens on that place, where the real estate in question is located.

This extract from The Double Taxation Agreement is interesting even in case, if you would like to sell the real estates with a profit in the future. Also this has developed Slovakia into a position of a country, where one, with a valuable investment property, can reach increasing of its price and simultaneously to save on taxes enormously.

Financing of Real Estates:
SLC-Europe s.r.o. (Ltd.) will provide for an appropriate financing of Your real estate in Slovakia. We suppose 30 % of own means, the rest we are able to provide through credit financing directly in Slovakia.

Purchase of Real Estate:
SLC-Europe s.r.o. has already been specialized in this topic and will be glad to arrange an advisory dialogue in Bratislava to discuss the purchase possibility of required real estate.

Administration of Real Estate:
SLC-Europe s.r.o. offers to you, after the purchase of real estate, also the maintenance possibility and the rental thereof for you so that you must not to look after your real estate alone.

Promotion in Bratislava

Petra Pulisova, business and executive management Bratislava

Our experts will be glad to promote you in Bratislava

Our Skills - Your Advantage:

We, like a team of SLC -Europe s.r.o. in Slovakia, will take care of you in an optimum way by means of our three offices in Bratislava. Our team consists of attorneys, the tax and company advisors, whereby it disposes with optimum know-how as to The Double Taxation Agreement between Slovakia and Austria, or Germany.

We have to our disposal a dense network of bank contacts and contacts regarding the real estates so that we could recommend to you the appropriate real estate for your model of saving on taxes. SLC-Europe has been on the European advisory market since 1994 and it has got the valuable know-how to the topic of investment and saving on taxes.

Come to our offices after previous making an appointment with us and leave our team to take an optimum care of you. I am looking forward for Your visit.

Acquisition of Property:
After the Slovak Republic has entered into the EU, the restriction in acquisition of the real estate by a foreigner in the Slovak Republic vanishes. The acquisition of the real property by foreign persons does not subject to any restrictions in Slovakia excepting the agricultural lands.

Transitory Provisions:
During the transitory period of seven years (up to April 30, 2011) the foreigners can not acquire the agricultural and forest lands, however in principle the ownership of real estate in the Slovak Republic is possible. All transfers of real estates after January 1st, 2005 are not subject of real estate purchase tax or the real estate transfer tax.

Real Estate Register:
In the Slovak Republic the legal relations related to real estate are registered in the public Real Estate Register. The Real Estate Register comes to a competence of administrative offices (The Land Registry). The purchaser of real estate acquires the ownership right only after the real estate and the ownership rights have been registered into the Land Registry.

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