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How to become a license partner. Here are the individual steps to your successful license partnership with SLC-Europe in every country.

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We are looking for license partner all over the world!

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Welcome to the english speaking world of SLC-Europe

SLC-Europe in Great Britain

Eder Herbert, majority owner of consulting Group SLC

SLC-Europe has a leading position on the market in the scope of international company formations and enterprise consulting and it offers for English speaking clients excellent services in Europe, America and Asia.

As a major owner of SLC Group I especially enjoy our Content in English and by this I would like to invite you to use our services all around the world. No matter whether it concerns Offshore Companies or Virtual Offices, SLC is an ideal partner for you.

In the scope of market studies, models of entering the market as well as searching for partners we, with our 20-year experience are competently at your disposal.

SLC-Europe as a partner all around the world and SLC-Europe as a partner for English companies.

Read more about advantages of our firm group.

We are looking for a license partner in Great Britain and USA who would obtain national license of demand our services on the market. If you are interested in such a position, contact our office in Slovakia!

If you're looking for premium asset protection services abroad or in an offshore country, for private or for business reasons, processed by a reputable team of highly skilled and experienced asset protection professionals, lawyers and notaries, available 365 days a year, you have come to the right place!

We specialize in providing premium services and products including company formations abroad and offshore, safe and even anonymous bank accounts and credit cards in foreign countries and several office management services, in a most confidential and discreet way.

Full Service and 100% cost transparency is of paramount importance to us! Please go on reading for detailed information about our team, our work and our clients.

Regardless of where you reside: Offshore.Biz will provide the exact services and products you're looking for, swiftly and reliably! Please also read our Customer Satisfaction Policy.

Our top products recommended for your asset protection and tax optimization (up to tax exemption!) are: Company formation in Spain and Panama, complete with professional bank accounts, credit cards abroad or even offshore, including online banking in English and/or German.

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