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Social Law in Netherlands

Enterprise of natural person
The owner or keeper (tenant) of such enterprise has disposal of company separately and answers for a company with his whole assets.

Personal companies

  • „Vennootschap onder firma”, abbreviated „V.O.F.”
    It corresponds basically to the public company according to Austrian law. The partners are authorized to represent a company separately unless the Memorandum of Association (according to the purpose of registration into the Companies Register) stipulates otherwise, and they answer with their whole assets.
  • „Commanditaire Vennootschap”, abbreviated „C.V.”
    It corresponds basically to the limited partnership according to Austrian law. It is created by one or more partners having the full liability, and not only by limited partners answering with their own investment. The limited partners are excluded from the company management and they can not oppose to the acts of partner answering personally for the company. The internal relations and the limited partners’ rights of disposal are specified in the Memorandum of Association.

Capital Companies

  • „Besloten Vennotschap met beperkte aansprakelijkheid” abbreviated „B.V.”
    It corresponds basically to the Limited company (Ltd.) according to Austrian law. The Ltd. company is created by the partners (Aandeelhouders = shareholders), the liability of whose is limited to the amount of registered investment into the company. The company is a separate legal entity, which concludes the contracts, can cancel and so can be cancelled. The social shares are transferable, under surveillance of Memorandum of Association in fixed limitations, however, they can not be given to the public subscription, or bidden for sale.
  • „Naamloze Vennootschap” abbreviated „N.V.”
    It corresponds basically to the joint stock company according to Austrian law. This form of a company provides the possibility for share swap to accept the capital in public. Should the legal frame conditions are satisfied, the company can be listed. The offering (emission), or the transfer of shares is limited only by specified restrictions in the Deed of foundation.

Branch Offices
The branch offices of the foreign companies without own legal subjectivity.


  • „Coöperatieve Vereniging W.A.”
    Co-operative with unlimited liability
  • „Coöperatieve Vereniging B.A.”
    Co-operative with limited liability
  • „Coöperatieve Vereniging U.A.”
    Co-operative without liability

Joint Ventures
„Consortium”/„Joint Venture” Consortiums/Labour partnerships/Open co-operations, or in a form of personal or capital companies.


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