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Ltd Formation in Belgium

société privée à responsabilité limitée - s.p.r.l.
besloten vennootschap met beperkte aansprakelijkheid - b.v.b.a.

To found an Ltd following assumptions must be fulfilled

  • Fundamentally, at least three associates, whose can be also legal entities. A company of one associate is also possible.
  • Minimal deposit is 18.550 EUR that must be fully recorded into RC in amount at least 6.200 EUR (1/3) must by acquitted. In case of one founder the capital must be fully paid. At improvement 1/5 of cash deposits must be acquitted, material deposits on 100 %.

The organs of Ltd are:

  • General meeting of associates: this highest organ consists of all the associates. Officially he appoints and calls away superintendent of the company, comprises increase or decrease of capital and other corporate changes.
  • Superintendent (presidency of the company) Ltd superintend one or several feasors that are appointed for definite or non-definite time. They do not have to be associates or start they can be even legal entities. If the regulations are not given in advance, each feasor represents the company alone in juridical and non-juridical issues.

When the company has less than 100 employees (in annual average full time job is taken into account) or more than one of the following criteria has been fulfilled, 50 employees or 7,3 million EUR or 3,625 million EUR, then accounting closing of books (balancing) costs 200 EUR. Company Ltd that belongs to those threshold values must analogically order an auditor, just like in the case of a joint stock company and thus accounting closing of books costs 500 EUR. If each associate is in charge of check function where tax adviser may be invited as an underagent, in that case it is not necessary to call an auditor for verification of balancing.

Company Ltd is founded as a join stock company by an agreement verified by a scrivener at court of arbitration. It may be founded for non-limited time.

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