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Costs connected with Company Formation

As for each stock company, also in Albania there exist the legislation for the owner’s equity.

To found the Ltd. (sh.p.k.) you need 100,000 LEK (approx. 730 Euro) and to found the Inc. (Sh.a.) 2.000.000 LEK (approx. 14,300 Euro).

The resting costs for formation are the charges for attorney, notary public and registration and they rank, depending on selection of lawyer’s office, between 1,500 and 3,000 Euro.

Approx. 8 weeks are needed for the complete company formation, if we have all the necessary documentation available.

Limited Liability Company (

Ltd. warrants for the liabilities of its company by the total property, however as it is in Austria, the partners only up to the amount of their basic contribution. The business name should consist minimum of the name of partner and the Albanian attribute for Ltd., which is sh.p.k. The company with the sole partner is allowed.

The basic capital, as already mentioned above, amounts 100,000 LEK and must be paid in full amount. The company shares can be divided between partners, their heirs and when dividing the company, they can be also sold unofficially. For sale to the third person the approval of three-quarter majority of partners is required.

The companies, which pass over more than 2 following criteria, must publish the annual report :

  • Economic result higher than 6,000,000,-
  • Turnover higher than 12,000,000,-
  • When employing more than 10 employees in average

The statement of finances must be approved by the General Assembly of a company within 6 months after termination of fiscal year and published in the annual report.

We will be please to advice you personally at the company formation in Albania

Our services include substantially more than only the help itself at company formation in Albania. We keep at disposition excellent contacts with lawyer’s offices, tax offices, notary public and banks. Most of contact is able to speak German. Further, we will prepare for you the business plan, the models for input on the market and we will help you with any official procedures. We are offering to you the workshop on company formation, where you will be satisfied directly according to your needs and everything will be discussed with you in details.

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