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In successful building of your export activity

No company formation without experts directly on site.
WKO covers 50 per cent of costs.

You are topmost successful in field of export - You would like to strengthen your share in the target market and to penetrate simultaneously into the last unused segments of market. Your engagement (obligation arisen from participation in a business) should have to be ensured by your own marketing organization, or by the local production.

This individual appearing on the foreign market creates vast chances, which incidentally often are opposed by considerable capital engagement. Go International provides the support in the cost phase of the company formation so that just the selection of proper experts would lay the headstone for successful future.

Shortly said: Who will select the proper advisor, he will get not only the superior services, but mainly he can maximize his chances in case of foreign investments and thus to minimize the risks as much as possible. Within the Go International the Austrian companies are provided with advisory services in selecting the competent experts (e.g. the attorneys and tax advisors, etc.) and the support in a form of partial covering of costs for advisory. 50 per cent of provable costs for advisory services are being compensated up to the maximum amount of EUR 3,000 in Europe and EUR 5,000 overseas.

We will help you in apply for compensation…

As the qualified company consultants with Austrian Trade Certificate and with official Consultancy Office in Bratislava our company is the correct partner for you.

We inform you about any possibilities of getting the support, we will help you in processing the matters at authorities so that you could ask the optimum type of support.

Please contact us, you will profit thereof.

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