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Trade Law and types of activities with a licence duty in Lithuania

The Lithuanian commercial and business law is orientated mainly on a German model and it is what Austrian economists come out from. Generally, Lithuania represents an economic liberal country. For this reason, there are not any assumes or more precisely requirements in the Trade Law for a practise of a trade, more requirements are claimed on professional and sectional activities in the license system.

According to the Business Law of the Republic of Lithuania, it is necessary to own a license for certain activities obtained from the related Ministry or Administration. The implementation of the license duty is subject to the powers of individual Ministries and can undergo some changes. At the present time, in Lithuania, the following activities have a license duty (in unique cases it could be examined whether there is or there is not a license duty):

  • Services related to Provision of Medical Care (the Department of Health)
  • Pharmaceutical Activities (the Ministry of Health)
  • Growing, Selling, Import and Export of plants containing narcotic, psychotropic, strongly operating and poison substances (the State Medicine and Drug Control Agency - the Commission)
  • Manufacture of Alcohol Products (the State Tobacco and Alcohol Control Service)
  • Import, Wholesale Trade and Retail Trade of Alcohol products, Retailed Trade of Alcoholic drinks (the State Tobacco and Alcohol Control Service)
  • Manufacture, Import, WholesaleTtrade and Retail Trade in Tobacco and Tobacco products (the State Tobacco and Alcohol Control Service)
  • Import and Selling of Pyrotechnical Material, Civilian Weapons and Ammunition (apart from pistols and revolvers for one´s own protection.) (the Public Police Office)
  • Formation and Starting of shooting ranges, shooting stands for hunting purposes (the Public Police Office)
  • Manufacture of Weapons and their parts, Ammunition, Pyrotechnical Equipment for the weapon repairing (the Weaponry Fund of Lithuania)
  • Education Activity performed by state accepted certificate after completion of the studies (the Ministry of Education)
  • State Performances of the Local Government (the land institution), Topographic and Geodetic works (the National Service of Geodesy and Cartography)
  • Transport of people in the Republic of Lithuania, Passenger and Goods Traffic on International Transport Lines (the State Road Transport Inspection)
  • Overseas and Railway mediation (the Ministry of Transport)
  • Marketing and Selling of Waste and Non-ferrous metal scraps (the Ministry of Economy)
  • Marketing and Selling of Ferrous metal scraps (the Ministry of Economy)
  • Export, Import, Wholesale Trade and Retail Trade of Unwrapped oil products (the Ministry of Economy)
  • Facilities of the Gambling and Casinos (the State Gaming Control Commission and Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection)
  • Slot Machines (the Ministry of Finance)
  • Audit (the Ministry of Finance)
  • Formation and Services of the Public Telecommunication Networks, telecommunication services (the Ministry of Transport)
  • Manufacture of stamps and rubber-stamps (the Public Police Office)
  • Manufacture, Wholesale Trade,Transfer and Storage of dangerous, chemical and atomic substances. Collecting, Detoxication, Storage and Destruction of the dangerous waste (the Ministry of Environment, the State Atomic Energy Safety Inspectorate)
  • Operation of the Energy Factory (Thermal Power Station with inflammable and liquid gas) (the State Energy Inspection)
  • Insurance Services (the State Insurance Supervisory Commission)
  • Tourism Services (the State Department of Tourism)
  • Printing of Stock and Bonds and Documentation forms (the State Document Safety Office)
  • and other activities.

Authorizations of the Trade Law for the construction work

Since 1 May 2004, the conformal establishments of the EU have been put into effect. Construction or more precisely installation works must not be performed without further notifications, unless they are understood in a certain investment delivery. The building or construction works separated from engineering or investment delivery need to have an authorization from an operational company. An approval of the Austrian authorizations in Lithuania is not defined clearly enough, because they are adjusted only in sporadic cases. Certain areas are in need of an approval of re-registration in Lithuania despite of the EU such as, for example a work of building engineers or general companies, last but not least following questions of liability.

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